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              Contact Us



              Amy Hall - ahall@ebonyco.com

              Vice President of Field Operations:

              Mike Bass - mbass@ebonyco.com, 419-277-1351 (c)

              Project Managers:

              Chad Hartman - chartman@ebonyco.com, 419-277-2630 (c)

              Doug Zimmerman - dzimmerman@ebonyco.com, 419-304-9537 (c)

              Brooks Pedraza - bpedraza@ebonyco.com, 419-494-3459 (c)


              Tim Wiegand - twiegand@ebonyco.com

              AP/AR, Contracts

              Leefa Kidwell - lkidwell@ebonyco.com


              Please feel free to contact us.

              3510 Centennial Rd
              Sylvania, OH 43560
              Fax: 419-841-7845


              3510 Centennial Rd., Sylvania, Ohio 43560

              Phone: 419-841-3455

              Fax:       419-841-7845

              Copyright 2011 Ebony Construction Co.. All Rights Reserved. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.